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From heaven. _825

Liu Yi these days full of mind .He became less and less willing to go back to home .He was afraid the unspeakable silence and solitude .More afraid as ants bites like miss and pain .In five days ,he also will all his mind into short message sent to that he did not know ,has made countless number .
With out and he feel a sense of relief with a sigh .In the message, he as usual to call her baby ,as always to tell him about his love and miss .Of course ,the pain of losing her own despair .
.. ... All like she lived .Poly far more life to him and she is accustomed to the ways of expression ,including each night after she left the moment .He is the happiest moment, he seemed to go back in time, back to have her those sweet days .
Although the editor to sad when he will be heartache suffocative come, but he is still not willing to give up and her contact with the last bit of idea .Although he know ,he all the sad and miss in another heaven she is unable to perceive ,but he is still .
Texting ,messages and dial the number is he in a day is the most warm moment .He always sends a message, with whole heart meet gradually .However ,just five days after that night ,all this changed his .
It is a very important day for him .His senior titles passed .This is his dream of how things .After work, he asks a colleague to go to a seafood restaurant unit .Since his wife leaves away, it was the most happy day .
For two years ,the terrible car accident in which a wife leaves life and also claimed Liu Yi .Since then, Liu Yi had no clear sky .We see Liu Yi today mood is good, have active up ,drink ,guess ,finger-guessing game ,laughter ,noise into a ring .
Not long after ,Liu Yi was drunk .Colleagues will he sent home after dispersed .With a drunk, Liu Yi fell into a deep sleep .Maybe it was the alcohol ,is perhaps the heart thought, a dream Liu Yi saw leaves -- as previously coquette ,as previously Keren ,but is to turn a deaf ear to call Liu Yi ,in desperation ,Liu Yi suddenly wake up .
Have a look ,eleven, habit, Liu Yi picks up the mobile phone ,began to send a message :Maomao ,you have a good day today ?Tell you a good news ,my senior by .If you are in, how wonderful it is !Maomao ,because I just had drunk ,but in a dream I see you .
But you ignore me .Baby ,you know how much I heartache !Baby ,I miss you !!!With few number of press ,SMS sent out .Liu Yicai and Enron sleep .Suddenly ,his mobile phone sends information prompt tone .
It is rubbish short message .He was muttering ,he picked the open mobile phone ,the look does not matter ,Liu Yi actually gave a cold sweat .Information is just out .If only there is little Liu yi-gang slightly drunk ,he fully awake .
Thinking and even a momentary pause .Is there really a miracle ?According to bear the consternation and excited ,Liu Yi reviewed the content of the message ,which is only three words: congratulations on your .
From just the panic shock down slowly ,Liu Yi found the answer ,that leaves that are stopped for a long time the number was opened .But ,who is that ?What is he like? What is the time to start using this number ?If the opening of the first day ,so their messages he ( she ) is received ,it is so inconceivable !Think of this ,Liu Yi started their own reckless self-reproach, I should have thought about this possible .
Because of this a sleepless night frightened ,Liu Yi .The very next day ,Liu Yi half an hour earlier than usual out the door .He wanted to inquire about ,use the number people what is .
Although Liu Yi knows this person has nothing to do with themselves ,but the doings of ghosts and gods ,he still want to know about him ( her ) .The service hall Miss enthusiastically asks what he needs service project .
Liu Yi pretended to look up the phone bill ,and report the number .The results come out soon username ,Li Xinran ;account balance ... ... Behind the words ,Liu Yi can .Out of service hall ,Liu Yiman brain is the name of Li Xinran .
From the name ,it must be a girl .Do not know every night or warmth lingering or distraught message to her what effect .Think of this ,Liu Yi is also a good deal of guilt and remorse .Liu Yi think ,from today onwards ,this lasted for four or five years of his life has become a core part of the end of the .
The wind did not ,but Liu Yi felt the coolness hit ,rush to wrap the clothes ,intensify the pace to the unit to go to .Night is the most difficult time .Because the upset ,Liu Yi will TV open and shut ,closed and opened again .
The inside of the television episodes he saw nothing .He knew that he began to think of her, but from today on ,I will not give you the information .Automatic speaking to Liu Yi ,had a trace of sadness surges .
Bored ,Liu Yi thought of the show in another city parents a call .Because busy ,also because of the fear of his phone so that old man again into lost her grief ,Liu Yi has not remember how for a long time is not the old telephone .
But his heart was always miss them .This commentary titles .Should also tell the old man out, let them share your joy .The telephone call is connected ,the father-in-law . Dad ... .
.. , Liu Yi gave a little cry ,the throat is something blocking the wearer, say a word .Is this Liu Yi .Cautious father-in-law or from the sound judgment that the phone is called Liu Yi .
Busy said anxiously :Liu Yi ,how are you? Dad ,I all right !Mom ?You all right ?Liu Yi tried to press the slide with sour ,pretending to be easily and dad said .Dad on the phone repeatedly reminds Liu Yi to take care of themselves ,and do a good job like it .
The son-in-law ,father-in-law is really love ,even love ,but the daughter ,no blessing !The old man said with a sigh .Speaking from outside the house ,the mother-in-law is back .Know is the son-in-law call, scurrying to grab the phone and son-in-law going up .
Father-in-law and mother-in-law have completely different personalities .His calm ,reserved ,and peace, and her mother had be rash and too much in haste ,he is always the first to get excited and also the first to forget .
Her death made her a few times in the past .But on the telephone which can tell the time of repair ,her mood have reverted to the original state .In particular, heard Liu Yi tell her own higher rated thing ,Okamo Roro from a microphone in the uncovered came .
Opinion, or mother-in-law character cheerful .Liu Yi thought .Mother-in-law in phone there has been said, the main idea is to Liu Yi safety first ,eat on time ,elderly care made Liu Yi feel bouts of fever .
At the end of ,Dad came over ,and the tone is so strong and undeniable :Liu Yi ,leaves have walked for a long time ,you must come round .This is the life ,is your life, and her life .
She ,you should live well .This leaves only in the side of peace .Listen to me ,if you look around the right ,you give it a try ,never come down ,do you hear me? Liu Yi is here only Tu ,Tu ,in the face of such a man ,Liu Yi was moved to tears .
Hang up the phone ,Liu Yi once again to cast himself into the sofa .Over and over again with her parents just words ,my heart be filled with a thousand regrets .To face the pain of losing her daughter ,the old people think of is to comfort myself ,ourselves .
Even let myself again entered the marriage, this is how the great parents .Liu Yi secretly determined ,no matter when, he will honor the elderly, who leaves to do her duty .Because it is a moving, Liu Yi, calm down .
Start watching the evening news . Drop ,drop ,mobile phone to transmit a message alert tone .Liu Yi open a view ,is the number of .This time Liu Yi did not panic ,he opened the message :sorry ,I presume to disturb you .
In fact, from the first day I use this number began to receive your message .Our analysis may be the wrong number or simply harassing information ,and therefore have no heart .But from your later information content, I would probably understand the truth of the matter .
But I dare not to reply to you ,to tell you the truth .I know that as long as a reply ,your this emotion will end .Until yesterday you said you were rated higher things ,I stand by the impulse ,give you a simple reply ,would like to respond to your excitement and joy .
But to tell the truth ,the information sent to my regret .I know I made a mistake ,an irreparable mistake .But please believe me ,I am sincere .Now in the society like you man has such as golden monkey is a rare ,I sincerely hope that you will happy !!!Name :Li Xinran end .
This message is divided into four consecutive sends, see, this girl named Li Xinran is after some thought and contradiction to his message .Suddenly ,Liu Yi better .He wanted to call the past regards to her and explain ,but to see the time ,will only return to a past editor message ,message when the mood with old not same ,greetings ,apologies are outside the polite words .
The same number of the expression is different mood ,changed ,Liu Yi failed to beat his forehead .A few days after another, because the province on the examination ,a unit of the people are busy confused and disoriented .
Home every day is ten points, Liu Yi always hurried wash my face, then put myself on the bed ,is really too tired .Tiredness is a came in waves ,the twinkling of an eye is a sleepy .When the phone rang ,and Liu Yi took the mobile phone in the dark ,homeopathy to his ear ,is a strange girl voice ,#p# subtitle #e# Hello ,for calling you this late ,disturb you !Oh .
No. You are ... ... I am Li xinran .Oh ,say no .Do not look at the call number on the phone ,I must have put you to wake from the dream .Girl smile ,a sweet voice let surrounding sudden bright .
This several day to receive your information ,my heart is empty .The girl suddenly suppressed it ,you don really ,I have used every night in your sleep SMS company .I envy you your wife ,she is the happiest woman in the world .
If I can get such sincere love ,I think ,even for life ,is also worth !The girl faint . Oh ,feel shy .It troublesome for you .Liu Yi said anxiously, I don know how to make up for is .
Is ?If the intention ,please I drink tea ,please? Soon ,the girl and active . Well, it ,tomorrow after work if you are free, I give you a call !Well, good night !The girls giggled hangs up ,leaving Liu Yi in the side .
Perhaps because of the afternoon to this date ,Liu Yi was significantly better .Even he himself be rather baffling .The colleagues in the office several times into the eyes of betting on his face ,want to find out .
Since the leaves gone, friends and give him Jane Shao several ,and in good condition .But he could see no see .He always felt ,in their own can not forget the leaves before the marriage ,is their betrayal ,the betrayal of leaves ,is irresponsible to others .
So ,always let friends down ,and then nobody mentioned the matter .But this time ,why not yet met a girl let me excited ?Time is always in the mood of the time flies ,the twinkling of an eye is a work of time .
Liu Yi Li Xinran dialed the telephone ,the girl heard at once :Wow ,very good ! Oh ,if you are not busy, I a moment in an angel there . .OK .The girl made the promise ,咚咚 tingle in the heart of Liu Yi straight rock .
About half an hour later, at an agreed-upon the mobile phone up girl appears in the same mobile phone will be raised before Liu Yi .A milky white casual dress ,a pair of black slippers ,pulled high black ponytail to her face white contrast radiant .
This is Li Xinran ,a personal and sounds like a sweet girl .Two people greeted .The waiter will they get a call Pik Wan days rooms .Van Gogh sunflower in light green walls set off with yellow rice ceiling mutual Huiying ,tiny rooms surrounded by the warm and romantic .
A beam of white light scattered in two young faces .Meal time, have only had some orange juice ,steak ,but Liu Yi is this that point a .In front table full of variety ,attractive color fresh vegetables ,readily laugh ,the waiter thought we were there of refugees ,can eat so much food .
Liu Yi also seems to be aware of their abnormal ,quipped ,we try to be a refugee .Ha-ha. Dining space ,two people begin to chat, chat own past ,now ,to happy, two people look at each other laugh ,talk to the depressed, a person with another person in silence .
Then Liu Yi knew Li Xinran ,this was the injury situation from a city to escape the city girl .In the face of the face was sad girl ,Liu Yi heart suddenly filled with a burning has been long impulse ,he wants to protect the girl ,he want her happy ,happy ,he wants her laughter always linger in my ears -- if she needs !Feed readily on the way home, the moon hung in the sky to the cold ,winter weather add a little cold .
Standing in the little house with rental ,with Liu Yi stretched out his hand :thank you ,your message to accompany me spend a most difficult time .Readily obvious sincerity ,the moonlight shines on her face ,Liu Yi trance-like feel will fall into a pair of dark eyes .
Gladly live from the Liu Yi family has five or six stations distance .Usually such a journey always played Liu Yi solution ,intense and fast-paced life of the Liu Yi for a long time do not want to waste time on the road, but this evening ,he wanted to walk home .
He wants to wake up ,make clear your head ,because just watched gladly turned back to house the moment, he saw leaves background, his heart immediately twitch .Another sleepless night .
Ye Er and have two shadows in Liu Yi entangled into mission .Liu Yi remembered three years ago that night ,moonlight ,the same cold ,two people also vow :I just love each other .It is a popular millennium love model ,but because the two person sincere and appear all the more solemn and deep .
At that time, leaves eyes ,leaves look like engraved in the Liu Yi heart general has angular .We .Liu Yi told her ,and leaves for three full years offering intended to do .Calendar in turns the page, winter come ,a not occur even in a hundred years winter .
Liu Yi gradually faded away from the girl ,has gradually adapted to the night not to send a message .It is one night .Wash out after Liu Yi early to bed ,a few days ago received the period industry magazine before he could see ,today the have a look .
When Liu Yi threw herself into an expert text ,mobile phone rang ,open mobile phone for the first time, the familiar numbers came into sight ,is she ,is readily ,Liu Yimang on the phone ,readily voice faint and urgently :fast ,fast ,I love you .
.. ... Liu Yi had a chance to ask her ,over the phone was busy .Liu Yi immediately jumped up ,his first instinct was to have had an accident .No outside the biting cold ,Liu Yi simply wearing clothes and rushed out the door .
Because did not say clear address ,Liu Yi can only go gladly rental housing ,it is readily Liu Yi know only address .Fortunately ,readily in a rented house, she is gas poisoning .It readily to tell him ,his head a day night, after work and no rest ,have been colleagues and shopping ,until four pm before returning home, found the house too ,will open a honeycomb briquette stove ,and then fell asleep .
Her sleeping had a violent headache woke up with a start ,followed by nausea, vomiting ,and thinking she immediately realized gas poisoning ,wanted to leave the room only to find that they have limp unable to move .
Mind quickly search all their acquaintance, she first thought of Liu Yi ,and then called him, she told him ,he is she came to this city after the most trustworthy people .Gladly poisoning because Liu Yi emergency escort and harmless ,but also need to be hospitalized for a few days .
Gladly not to tell his parents the situation ,she was afraid they couldn such stimulation make their return to them .Then ,of course, Liu Yili play the role, to buy medicine ,buy food ,water is readily washed the clothes .
.. ... I do not know the inside story of the nurse jokingly said to Liu Yi :re a model boyfriend .Said Liu Yi was embarrassed ,he stole a glance at readily ,found her face because of shyness and the blush makes her more charming .
At the hospital .Liu Yi has been to have home .Push the door stands immediately a heatwave surrounded the house ,looked up to discover amazedly ,on her desk stood a small and exquisite electric heater .
Liu Yi watched quietly look ,readily melts into a world of waters in the heart ... ... Settle down willingly ,Liu Yi went to work .This time is too busy taking care of readily ,unit has a better work .
Pro out again ,gladly called him, the evening to my information? See gladly weak ,lonely ,look forward to the eyes, Liu Yi returns to ,fondly patted her on the shoulder ,forced to nod .
No one care readily has become Liu Yi heart faint pain ,he decided to do something about it ,after work, he first give gladly send a message :you is heaven there give me reply !Then went to the shop .

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Bug _679 slag catcher

hiding in the mountains for many years
Only to wake a dying thoughts
Deep roots
Watch the distance to the overflow.
Water is not turn the clock back here
As Qin spring
The long years
Take many
Residual static.
Absorb all around, collect water
Waiting for the hot sun
When the moonlight scattered in the hills
Lingling blue four looking for, the
Creepered slope
As the moonlight washing
Methotrexate MTX, spread to distant
There was a stray.


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